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You’re a Musician. Now What?

Do you have no idea where to start when it comes to building an online presence?

What if it was a lot simpler than you thought? what if most of the tools you needed were free? and imagine never worrying about where your next gig was coming from...

This book tells the story of how I went from not having next month's rent to making a 6 figure income in under ten months by utilizing all of the (virtually free!) tools and concepts I cover in this book

This book features:

  • How to build a website from scratch with no prior training necessary
  • How to create, grow, maintain, and make money from your mailing list
  • How to cultivate an engaged and dedicated fan base
  • Concepts for blogging including "Five Big Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog"
  • How to research, develop, produce, and sell your products and services
  • Social Media integration and do's and don'ts when it comes to micro-blogging
  • How to manage your time and your workflow
  • Maintaining productivity as an¬†entrepreneur without giving up being a musician - It's all about Balance!
You're a Musician. Now What?
You're a Musician. Now What?
How to thrive in creative and financial freedom as a musician. Modern day skill sets essential to success in the music business.
Price: $24.99

Plus you get bonus video tutorials to help guide you through the process of building your own website from scratch!