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Try nice over mean

It’s so much easier to be mean than it is to be nice. Being nice takes effort, thought, compassion, communication and listening. Mean can be a quick unthoughtful reaction because something doesn’t line up with the exact way you’re thinking or acting in that moment. And the crazy thing is, as much as I think …
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Take a million miles and walk the last 6 feet?

No. Accept the first 6 feet and walk the last million miles. Take the embryo, the seed, the first few notes and do the rest of the work yourself. With today’s information super highway breaking down every last thing you could possibly want to learn in the greatest of detail, where is the space for …
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Being Original

Being original means you have to stay way ahead of the curve and not be afraid to live on the fringe. Copy cats and rip-off artists can be a great source of inspiration to stay way out in front of the curve. They can take all your ideas, copy what you do and maybe even …
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There’s only one thing we are meant to do today

And not just today, but every day. And if you can do it more than once then so much the better. Be nice to someone. It’s so fucking simple yet we sometimes lose sight of the fact that, every single day of our lives, we can enhance and impact other people’s lives in such a …
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Doing the work

It’s all about doing the work. There’s no way around it. You can’t buy experience, experience is gained through doing the work. Talent is a very small part of our success. Work is the bulk of it. Do good work. Do focussed work. Do hard work. Do fun work. But always do the work. Janek

Dealing with expectation

I’ve found a really simple way around dealing with other people’s expectations of me when I go out on stage as a performer. Their expectations of me are never going to come close to those of my own and I live with my own expectations all day every day. So walking out on stage to …
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Have you found your motivation yet?

Do you ever ask yourself why you’re not as productive or motivated as you’d like to be? I’m guessing, like me, you absolutely do, or have or will… But at the same time you’re asking yourself that question, will you also ask yourself whether or not you’ve found the inspiration to be motivated? The inspiration …
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You think you don’t have much time in the day…?

My friend Bob Reynolds recently highlighted in one of his vlogs that John Coltrane managed to record My Favorite Things, Coltrane’s Sound AND Coltrane Plays the Blues in the space of three days or so. That’s three of the biggest Coltrane records all recorded in the space of just a few days. So whenever we …
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never say no

Never saying no early on in a career is essential on a lot of levels. The one think you can’t buy and that can’t be taught is experience. And the only way to get that experience is by being out there doing the thing it is you want to do. In the beginning, unless you’re …
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There are no more record deals

And why would you want one anyway? So that they can take up to 80% of your profits in return for an advance on sales to create your product? With the many ways to create and promote good music that we have access to we have said goodbye to the days of 5-figure recording budgets …
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