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It’s only rock and roll with Mike Stern

… no such thing as ONLY rock and roll I don’t think. And whenever we play this song with Mike, I’m reminded that not only does he have a haircut like one of Mick Jagger’s from the past, but also that it’s nice to just rock out in E sometimes with a burning guitar player …
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Mike Stern Playing Alone Together Live

Check out another live cut of a show with Mike Stern playing Alone Together Live in NYC a few weeks back. We always tend to start out a show with a standard before we get to Mike’s compositions, and Alone Together is one we’ve played quite often together. Check out the octaves idea Mike gets …
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Where does Inspiration to practice come from?

isn’t’ that the mutha of all questions? as in “where is the motivation to continue to do what I do coming from?” right? we all go through those moments that sometimes become days, weeks or even months… of not knowing what to play or why to play music. Sometimes it’s just a momentary glitch in …
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New Album Recording Session – Watch It Live

That’s right, ON FEB 19TH AND 20TH 2012 we’re opening up the studio to anyone who wants to watch, with a live stream for the entire two days tracking process! You will get to see everything from the setup and tracking, to what Jojo Mayer and Tim Miller order for lunch! I’m sure you’ll be …
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Let the bass drop! Nero Guilt

I don’t know why it is that I’m so far behind the curve in a genre of music I really dig… but today a good friend of mine in London hipped me to the Nero track Guilt. I think all I can say is, let the bass drop! I’m getting ready to go to NYC …
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How to enjoy recording with headphones

It’s something I’ve struggled with when I’m in the studio playing on a record date. How do you get that “live” feeling of response in your instrument when you’re playing bass through a tiny set of headphones? and ultimately how do you enjoy recording with headphones? It’s been a long road of trying to figure …
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