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Are you having trouble starting a project?

Are you having trouble starting a project? do you have an idea and then start to think about all the reasons why not, instead of all the reasons why? I think this happens to us all at some point, and it can be really frustrating if you never get out of that vicious circle of …
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It’s always just the beginning

Because of the fast paced growth of modern technology, of communication, and of sharing information with friends, fans and peers, it can sometimes feel like there’s no end to what we do. Do you ever get that feeling that you’re never going to be able to master something because the “end” seems so far away …
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Day or night, melody is everything

Whether it’s day or night, melody is everything to me. I heard this, and thought you might like to hear it too. One of my favorite bands/artists right now who I had the pleasure of covering Holocene on Bob Reynold’s new album. Some serious melody, some touching music, and a great cover here by a …
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The love of the music

I just had this really great feeling come over me as I pulled out the sheet music for Randy Brecker’s gig in Aruba next week. An immense feeling of happiness for the love of the music, and a feeling of respect and gratefulness towards Randy for being able to be a part of his band, …
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Effortless Mastery

Once in a while an example, seemingly unrelated to music, of something great comes along and blows my mind. I then realize that a) not everything has to be related to music, and b) we’re all human beings first before we’re anything else and our ability to excel can be released into a multitude of …
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The immense value of hearing music live

My last blog post about rules, modes, scales and all that analytical stuff seemed to cause a little bit of a stir… there are the for’s and the against’s, and I was fortunate enough to meet one of the “for’s” at a show in NYC last week who’s name is Ron if I’m not mistaken. …
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Modes, scales, chord names, rules… REALLY?!!?!

So having just finished shooting a ton more footage for my lesson site I’m sitting here editing and along pops an email from a friend telling me I should check out this video on youtube about learning bass. I think to myself “always check everything out I have time to, because you never know when …
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In the laboratory composing

So I’m in the laboratory composing music and putting the finishing touches on the material we’re about to record with Peter Erskine and Alan Pasqua for the new album this week in Los Angeles. It’s really interesting to try and paint a musical picture ahead of time and almost anticipate a few things that might …
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The 8 Billion Dollar iPod

That’s right, the 8 billion dollar ipod! The video below is a classic example of how dumb our own entertainment industry sounds when it starts ranting on about revenue loss and piracy. I’m sick of hearing it, and I really hope you start getting sick of hearing it too. You can do something about it …
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Rock and Roll with James Valentine of Maroon 5

I recently sat down with my good buddy James Valentine of Maroon 5 to talk rock and roll. Oh and we also rapped about selling shampoo and conditioner, Pat Metheny and much more…! Check out the video and don’t forget to leave us a comment! Janek