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Why do we judge?

I've just laid down on a beanbag in the basement of my best friend's house and listened, in complete darkness, to the most hauntingly beautiful piece of music I've ever heard.

I was about to leave the room when he put it on. We had just finished watching a dumb comedy movie and I was heading upstairs to edit my vlog.

I heard two chords of this piece of music and immediately returned to my beanbag and listened to the entire piece.

At first I asked a couple of questions about it. What genre was it labeled as? was this piece improvised? Experimental?

As it turns out it didn't matter. It was beautiful no matter what the circumstances under which it was written or recorded.

So why did I judge it initially? why did I ask myself, once i'd found out it was a composed piece of music, why the performer needed this written for her and couldn't improvise this for herself?

I unfortunately don't know the answer to this question yet although I have quite a few theories. But it taught me a huge lesson that it's never a good idea to judge and it's always a good idea to keep an open mind about everything.

I am a better person for hearing this music and I can't recommend it highly enough to you to check out.

The artists name is Vicky Chow and the piece of music I listened to was the first track from the "Aorta" album. I can't speak for the rest of the recording because I have yet to listen to it. But I will. And I will learn from my mistake this evening and keep an incredibly open mind about it before I start listening.

This music changed my life when I started to listen with judgment before curiosity. Imagine what it can do when I start with curiosity and belief.


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