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The person behind the counter

If you've been following the new vlog at all this week you might have seen some pretty infuriating travel situations that I've found myself in. Today was no exception with a cancelled flight, a 12hr wait in the airport and then a missed car rental reservation at my destination which caused the cost of it to triple...

But throughout this entire process, as frustrated as I've found myself at times, I've had to remember that all the people I'm dealing with to trouble shoot these problems are probably not fulfilling their dreams behind a counter. They more than likely have aspirations and paths they want to follow that don't involve being stuck inside dealing with disgruntled customers all day long.

Every time I walk up to the counter I try and remind myself of this. My issue is more than likely not a direct result of something they did and for the most part they are trying their hardest to help me work out my problem and help me get where I'm going.

So as I travel the world doing what I love it doesn't take too much effort to think about all the people I encounter along that journey and give every single last one of them the benefit of the doubt and a smile.

I think we could all be a little better at this and it's something I work on improving every day.


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