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Sometimes you just need to stop

Sometimes the need for a quick pause or break is the most revitalizing thing you can do for yourself.

I managed an hour today. Sometimes it only takes 10 mins. But maybe you need several hours or days off from what you're doing right now.

It's not always possible to allocate that amount of time to being still and meditating on things that are important and dear to you in your life. But you'll be amazed what just 5 mins a day can do. And we all have 5 minutes right? I manage to carve out 15 mins to meditate in the morning at the beginning of each day and I'm one of the busiest people I know. So I'm sure you can find five minutes even if it's every other day.

Try challenging yourself go three days in a row. Start small and see how motivating it can be to go further once you notice the difference in your ability to control your relaxed state and your ability to choose how to react to adverse situations.

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