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Practice. It’s so important

I say this having not had a chance to touch my instrument in several days. But this hasn't stopped me practicing. I've been writing a new soundtrack every day for the Vlog and doing a lot of listening. Right now I'm listing to "There is no greater love" from Boss Tenors - Sonny Stitt and Gene Amons as I write this post and there's so much information there just begging to be soaked up. From being able to tell the difference between the two sax players (this one's pretty easy as Sonny is playing alto and Gene is on tenor) to listening to the hook up between Buster Williams and George Brown in the rhythm section.

Listening to one song has bolstered my practice routine to-do list for when I get to pick up my bass for the first time in ages tomorrow and is a reminder of how important spending time with our instrument is.

Practice away from the instrument is key, but the time spent with our fingers on the strings, the keys, the wood or the mouthpiece is irreplaceable.

Practicing away from the instrument like this focusses my intent so much more when I get to play.


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