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    Packing some pedals for the gig tonight. Simple but deadly @miuraguitars ruling. @bob_reynolds @bakedpotatojazzclub @ruslanpiano @chaun_d_horton two sets starting at 9:30, Ventura and lankershim studio city.
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    Need your help! Make sure you scroll to the second image! @chelseastevensmusic is doing an amazing job designing the new look for the lesson site and we're getting super close to the relaunch. But first "The" or "Janek's". Go!
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    Really great to meet and jam with @adrianjportia. Here's a clip from today's vlog. More to come with this setup in the future I think... @foderaguitars @aguilaramp @miuraguitars @jimdunlopusa @bossfx_us
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    Did you see yesterday's vlog about the biggest key I had for developing groove? This is a clip from that episode. @aguilaramp @fender @miuraguitars #instagroove
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    The only time streets can be this empty on a Friday at rush hour is when extreme heat knocks out the power and the cops have to close them...
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    After hitting in the 118f heat today I'm super happy to be wrapped up in the AC shedding tonight and finding small but gratifying gains every time I sit down with the instrument.
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    Late night grooving...
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    Our once every three years as a band photo... #iahjihampden #jesseberent
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    Evening practice. And Australia and New Zealand in November on my mind! #lastminuteworldtour needs to make its next stop down under, today's vlog will be all about that. Stay tuned and get ready for bass in #australia and #newzealand @aguilaramp @foderaguitars @jimdunlopusa
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    Morning practice. Getting loose and working on time, sound and staying relaxed.
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    Finishing up a solid 3hrs of practice with some half diminished and V-i work.
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    Last little bit of energy for the day going into some evening fundamentals. Logged a solid 5hrs today. Time to 😴. @foderaguitars @jimdunlopusa @aguilaramp