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way overdue update!

I’ve been super slack with the blog since before christmas which I feel lousy about, but I can assure you I haven’t been sitting here eating donut holes for 6 weeks and contemplating my navel! Quite the opposite in fact. We’ve been planning sessions for the ultimate play alongs project, releasing my latest album “Motion …
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Sound and time over everything

Having just finished the initial launch of the new book I’m back into practice mode in a big way. I was never too far away from it while I was writing and compiling the book, but now I really have a little more time in the schedule to work on some specifics. I’ve had tons …
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What do you practice?

The question “what do you practice?” and it’s cousin “what should you practice?” are probably what I get asked about the most when it comes to working on music and building structure in my development as a musician. Having avoided writing a music education book for so long (just because I really didn’t feel I …
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It’s the fundamentals, always the fundamentals

It’s amazing what hanging out with someone influential and infectiously passionate about music can do to the way you think about your process. I thought I was pretty well set when it came to my instrument and the way it is set up. Super low action, ramp in between pickups, and a very light touch …
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How do you practice standards?

One of the questions I get asked the most about my playing, and about jazz education in general, is the involvement of practicing, playing over, and performing of standards. Although it’s not a style of music I choose to play with my own group, there’s no denying that standard jazz vocabulary is something I’ve studied, …
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