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Will you keep getting up?

Will you keep getting up after each fall? And more importantly do you have the confidence to risk taking the fall in the first place? This week has been filled with falls for me. Nothing tragic, nothing shocking, nothing life threatening, but falls none the less.

Luckily, to this point, and not just this week of course, the answer has always been yes. I haven't staked my learning process, my goals, or my life solely on monetary gain, so with each mistake I make I'm never fearful of losing to the point that my life will change so badly I'll never get up again. The act of reaching out and asking questions about myself doesn't feel hindered by what someone else's opinion might be, and that's an incredibly liberating position to find myself in.

Imagine being able to make choices about your music, your business, your creative process, about anything in your life, and for there not to be a negative outcome... Imagine knowing that no matter how badly an idea fails, you will always get so much analytical data and feedback just for trying in the first place, that you'll be set up way better to succeed with your next venture.

To me, allowing myself unlimited do-overs/failures, means this process will never run out of steam. You just have to be willing to try, willing to fail, willing to get back up, and ultimately open-minded enough to be willing to learn from everything.

I'm looking forward to continuing my latest learning process with the new album over the next 6 weeks. The rhythm section is tracked, Randy Brecker is tracked, and I have the session booked in NYC (which I will be streaming live on Feb 15th!) for Mike Stern, Nir Felder, Elliot Mason, Bob Franceschini, and a few other special guests too. I'm in the middle of writing horn and vocal arrangements this week so I'm sure there will be a few epic fails along the way, and a lot more to be learned about what voicings and textures are going to work with this new music.

Thanks for being part of the journey, I can't wait to let you guys hear this new music March 26th!


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