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Time Feel!

Just had to post this! one of my favorite bass players drummers in the world. The combination of Meshell and Sean Rickman is something really special for me. Check out the openness of the kick drum, and the incredible feel of groove. Simplicity breathing space and musicality, and a rhythmic concept that is totally unique. Sean's ability within form is something to behold too. In my brief stint with the band Dapp Theory I was shown how little I knew about the subject of form and rhythmic concept. Sean and Andy Milne really made me think about my role not just as a bass player, but as a musician. You also need to check out how great a bass player and guitarist sean is, but I'll leave that up to your and your google search abilities to figure out...

The ability to rock out on sweet home alabama one minute and then play some complex polyrhythmic chants the next, and make it all sound like music that anyone can relate to is an art. One Sean has perfected, and one I'm constantly striving for. Communication, honesty, and openness.



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