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The office is the new Jazz Club

Evidenced here by the incredible Mathias Eick from Norway. Some beautifully melodic trumpet playing, great compositions, and a really cohesive unit as a band. Having watched this video I think it will be hard to complain about anything on a sound check ever again. Not only are these guys communicating and interacting really well, but they're doing it in an office cubicle!

And one of the things this space forces them to do is to play in a circle and face inwards for the best sight lines and communication level. I've started to adopt a similar concept live where I try not to have my trumpet player out front with the trio in the background. But more of a semi circle to include the audience in the conversation, but also to make sure everyone in the band is on an equal footing in terms of their place on stage. It's given so much more power and control to each person in the band that ideas have seemed easier to track down and develop. And it also seems to let each person in the group connect with the audience way more evenly and promotes group improvisation and collective thought in a huge way. Anyway, enjoy this incredible Norwegian artist and group!


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