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Play better, feel better, do better

How do you play better, feel better, do better, and find time to do all that in just one cycle of being awake each day?

Well anyone who knows me or follows on twitter or facebook will no doubt have seen a fairly regular pattern of physical exercise emerging. I worked on the Insanity plan for two months, I got back into running 5k a day, and I've been playing a lot of golf over the past couple of years. But one of the main questions I get asked about the physical health regime or schedule when it comes to fitting it into the life of being a full time musician, is: "how on earth do you find the time?".

I have so little time for anything these days that I sometimes find myself asking myself that question! but it's really not that complicated an answer when you break it down.

I've just come in from spending 90 mins on the tennis court with my good friend, incredible drummer, and stoooopidly good tennis player, Louie Palmer. And there's an incredible feeling I have right this minute of being completely switched on and motivated to write, record, practice, produce, mix etc etc... This is a direct result of the physical exercise we've just been doing, and I think it's the reason I find time in the day to pursue it even when time is incredibly limited.

There are inexpensive sports like running, swimming, and yoga that you can try almost anytime no matter where you live, and then stuff like tennis and golf that take a little bit more time and money. But the point is, it's an option no matter what your income, your location, or your skill level. And the payoff is second to none. This morning I didn't feel like even taking my bass out of the case, and now I feel like playing into the small hours of the morning.

There is of course a scientific reason for this, that if I had as much will power to read about it as I do actually going out and playing tennis, I could communicate that to you. But the fundamental message is to just start. Do something. Anything! Get your heart rate up, feel good about your body, get fresh air into your brain, and move your body until there is motivation there for all the other creative aspects of your life. I can't begin to tell you how rewarding it is, and the added bonus of improving your health at the same time is priceless. Don't forget, a good diet also makes a world of difference. This is where Louie and I part ways... because as much as I'm in cookies and chocolate, I just can't eat that way anymore without feeling pretty sluggish. He has more than a few years on me so I tease him that it's all about to change... more on that in a few years I'm sure!

So no matter what your physical passion is, be it tennis, swimming, running, golf, diving, or pilates, get out there and do more of it now! Your body is going to thank you, your brain is going to thank you, and YOU are going to thank you when it starts opening up your creative process and motivating you to be better at what you do.


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