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How not to fall apart

I'm really not that old, and have had very few medical issues in my life. But never the less the older I get the more I'm looking for how not to fall apart. I think there are just more things we have to do to keep ourselves functioning and efficient the older we get. I think that's probably true with music also. I've often wondered what my musical facility will be like when I'm 70, if I make it that far. I would like to think that life experience and personal voice are the most important things in terms of being heard in the world, but I also want to stay conscious of what my body is demanding of me in order not to fall apart.

This is all coming from a run I took today where my left leg is not working as well at it could, and I was bummed out about having to stop after about 4k. So I guess the check list of things to do each day needs to be updated more often, and perhaps even added to more often as well. Eating, sleeping, exercising, and being healthy in the mind are all inherent in productivity. And while we might have a schedule we keep in order to achieve 1 or more important goals in life, we can't lose sight of the fundamental metrics of day to day life, without which we can't possibly operate anywhere close to our true potential.

So when it comes to my musical life I find that what makes up the balance between fundamental human activity like exercise and diet, and actual activity such as practicing, touring, recording and composing is shifting far more to the former than the latter. It's a great feeling to get to work on music after my body is completely awake and open for business, and I find I have to spend less time working on music than I ever have to achieve much bigger results than before. And when I do have to spend serious amounts of time working on something music, I have the energy and drive to do it way more than I ever have. And it doesn't have to take too much time out of the day either. An hour in the morning for a 5k run and some circuits, 3-5 good meals throughout the day, lots of water, and some sunlight, still leave plenty of hours in the day to be productive and creative as a musician.

So if you're ever at a loss for what to do next, go right back to the beginning. Take a look at all the actions you took as a human being to grow past puberty and into an adult. Now refine some of those ideas into a short routine, mix in some really good and healthy food, and come back to your music or whatever it is you're doing after. I guarantee you're going to notice some positive changes no matter how small they might be. And check out what it takes for you not to fall apart. Listen to what your body is telling you and figure out ways to stay light on your feet and on your brain. from running to word games, from freshly squeezed lemon juice to rock climbing, from video games to bass playing... whatever it is that keeps you ticking, keeps you sharp, and keeps you happy, you know you can go after it more than you are right now, and give yourself a ton more opportunities in life.


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