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Are you thinking about tomorrow?

Are you thinking about tomorrow? or are you thinking about something a little further off than that? maybe something off in the future that fuels you to work hard on what it is you love, and forget tomorrow might even exist.

It's something I've been thinking about a lot tonight, and it's that running around, day-to-day grunt work, and head down attitude that might cause you to miss out on something out there that's a lot bigger and more fulfilling that you might have imagined.

That's not to say that hard work on a daily basis isn't necessary, I think it totally is. But when you have your sights above the crowd, when you aren't afraid to try things and makes mistakes, and when you aren't worried about what tomorrow is going to bring, but rather what your whole life might bring... I think it's then that things start to click. Ideas start to flow more freely because you're not anxious about the little gig in the middle of nowhere for no money tomorrow, OR where the next one might come from. You're thinking about things that will ultimately fulfill you more than a pedestrian pace of day-to-day life, and will give your daily process way more focus and drive. And I think a huge payoff to taking yourself out of the mainstream daily cluster of mundane "work", you create a scene for yourself. Simply by breaking away from the crowd you're challenging others to do the same. And when people do start to see the enhancements you're bringing to your life, your new scene becomes more attractive, and you might find yourself with the opportunity to not just start a scene, but start a movement.

Is there an album you've been thinking about making and putting off? a book you've always wanted to write? a dance class you've always wanted to take to better understand motion? whatever it is, put it out there as a bigger, longer term picture. Set your sights firmly on it, don't worry about what you have to do tomorrow, don't worry about what other people think, and start thinking about how you can achieve the goal or passion that excites you. I find I'm far more productive and open to learning when the subject matter or task at hand is something I'm really passionate about, and when I'm inspired I have a much greater ability to inspire those around me. And at the end of the day, if we could all live a little more for those around us we would move forward in leaps and bounds.

So my advice is to stop thinking about the short term. Stop worrying what other people think. Stop thinking just about tomorrow, and find whatever it is that excites and inspires you. Time spent moving forward and looking ahead to prosperity in pursuit of something you love, is going to be way more uplifting than sitting there thinking about the short term and the "what ifs" and "maybes".


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