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Work hard, be kind and amazing things will happen

This is not my quote, it’s from Conan O’Brian. But it spoke to me so much that I made yesterday’s vlog about it and without knowing it this sentiment has become a huge part of the way I try to live my life. There is always someone somewhere that can use your help. That might …
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Do good work

Do good work. No matter what you do. Be honest about it, be passionate about it, only do it if you truly want to. And ultimately make sure it’s simply good work. Janek

You learn more when your lips aren’t moving

I’m not saying that it’s a bad idea to ask questions, but I find I’m always learning more when I’m listening as opposed to talking. It’s a silly phrase but an easy one to remember and its served me well in the recent past. And it’s not just about learning more when you listen it’s …
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One day at a time

One day at a time. Mike Stern told me this. My therapist tells me this. They’re both right. Now I tell myself this every day. We can’t control situations or other people’s actions towards us or otherwise, we can only control our reactions and how we choose to conduct our lives. I try conducting mine …
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Why do we judge?

I’ve just laid down on a beanbag in the basement of my best friend’s house and listened, in complete darkness, to the most hauntingly beautiful piece of music I’ve ever heard. I was about to leave the room when he put it on. We had just finished watching a dumb comedy movie and I was …
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The one answer that almost always works

Whenever there’s doubt in what we’re doing we might start to question why we’re doing it and if or why it might not work. A new project, an old project, a relationship, a whim or a passion perhaps, there might be some doubt about it along the way. But the answer to the success of …
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Sometimes you just need to stop

Sometimes the need for a quick pause or break is the most revitalizing thing you can do for yourself. I managed an hour today. Sometimes it only takes 10 mins. But maybe you need several hours or days off from what you’re doing right now. It’s not always possible to allocate that amount of time …
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The person behind the counter

If you’ve been following the new vlog at all this week you might have seen some pretty infuriating travel situations that I’ve found myself in. Today was no exception with a cancelled flight, a 12hr wait in the airport and then a missed car rental reservation at my destination which caused the cost of it …
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Practice. It’s so important

I say this having not had a chance to touch my instrument in several days. But this hasn’t stopped me practicing. I’ve been writing a new soundtrack every day for the Vlog and doing a lot of listening. Right now I’m listing to “There is no greater love” from Boss Tenors – Sonny Stitt and …
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Telling yourself yes

It can be quite the challenge to tell yourself yes when so many people are telling you no. Your hopes and dreams may hinge on doubt planted in your mind by people telling you you’re not capable or that you should conform to their view of happiness and not your own. I remember being told …
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