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Collaborating is where it’s at

And in this day and age that can be quite a simple process, and a really fun one too. I’m going into high gear with my business partner Louie Palmer working on the Ultimate Play Alongs project that we announced last fall. We’re ferociously recording tracks, bouncing new ideas off each other, working with developers for …
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No Off Season

#nooffseason What could or does that phrase mean to you? Inspired by my so many friends I have that are simply outstanding in their fields, I’ve started to build my whole process around it, both career and personal life, and it’s a phrase that I can morph and adapt to so many varied situations to …
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way overdue update!

I’ve been super slack with the blog since before christmas which I feel lousy about, but I can assure you I haven’t been sitting here eating donut holes for 6 weeks and contemplating my navel! Quite the opposite in fact. We’ve been planning sessions for the ultimate play alongs project, releasing my latest album “Motion …
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Sound and time over everything

Having just finished the initial launch of the new book I’m back into practice mode in a big way. I was never too far away from it while I was writing and compiling the book, but now I really have a little more time in the schedule to work on some specifics. I’ve had tons …
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What do you practice?

The question “what do you practice?” and it’s cousin “what should you practice?” are probably what I get asked about the most when it comes to working on music and building structure in my development as a musician. Having avoided writing a music education book for so long (just because I really didn’t feel I …
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